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The companies of Logan International, Inc. strive to deliver innovative products and services that benefit our clients and are recognized industry leaders in their respective fields.

•  Logan Oil Tools is one of the world's largest manufacturers of downhole fishing and intervention tools for the oil and gas industry. With the most comprehensive line of high-quality downhole tools and related products, we bring our dedication and determination to the oilfield.
Logan Oil Tools - Power Swivels is a dedicated facility in Houston that manufactures Logan Oil Tools' own line of easy-to-service, hydraulic motor-driven, 85-ton and 120-ton trailer- and skid-mounted Power Swivels. We also service most brands of power swivels, and stock and supply spare parts.
•  Logan Completion Systems is an innovative well completions technology and service company that specializes in open-hole, multi-stage horizontal fracturing systems. Our engineers have demonstrated their world-class expertise with the development of the innovative MultiStim Fracture Isolation Liner System — our proprietary multi-stage fracturing technology for horizontal wells that allows easy future downhole intervention.
•  Logan Superabrasives is at the forefront of superabrasive material development and has been granted over 30 patents. Our broad selection of innovative technologies includes microwave sintered carbide (MSC) bearings, tungsten carbide inserts, a complete line of high-performance PDC products for fixed cutter drill bits and drilling tools, and a comprehensive line of superabrasive specialty products used in many oilfield applications.
•  Logan Kline Tools takes pride in delivering outstanding craftsmanship and innovation with every order. With more than 25 years of experience manufacturing downhole tools and specialized oilfield equipment for the well servicing industry, no one can match the superior quality of Kline Tools’ products. If you’re ready to maximize the performance of your customers’ wells, Logan Kline Tools is ready to provide solutions.
•  Logan Scope provides proprietary and patented products and services that are focused on production optimization in sand-laden, heavy oil wells. Whether it's sand, inflow problems, pyrite problems, or setups, Logan Scope can solve your production-related problems.
•  Logan Xtend provides proprietary tools that mitigate the effects of wellbore friction and offers innovative, customer-driven solutions to overcome the challenges associated with drilling long-reach horizontal and directional oil and gas wells. This combination of unique products and complementary services provides substantial increases in horizontal drilling performance and capacity.
  For innovative products, knowledgeable service, proven performance, and quality you can trust, turn to LOGAN.

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